PC Installation Guide for TeamViewer Unattended

1.  From your Browser, click my OpenGeeks TeamViewer Unattended link below

2.  Internet Explorer, Firefox, Chrome all behave differently but ultimately you want to download and save the installer like below

3.  I'm saving here to the Downloads folder.  Save is where ever you want.  Just ensure you can find it later :-)

4.  Browse for the downloaded file and double click it to install.

5.  Click next to proceed with the installation

6.  Choose Company/Commercial use.  I paid for TeamViewer myself.

7.  Please review and accept the License Agreement

8.  Let the installer finish

9.  Now the Teamviewer Unattended access Wizard will start.  Select Next

10.  Click next here as well

11.  Choose Skip password

12.  Click finish

13.  Select Allow and Finish.  This will allow to assist you whenever you need me 

14.  We are almost done.  Click the Gears symbol on this screen

15.  This is the TeamViewer Options Screen.  Select Security

16.  Check Grant Steve Quinn easy access.

17.  Yay we are done.
Another technician can still use Teamviewer the traditional way
Select TeamViewer from the Systray and right click the icon

18.  Select Show Status Dialog

19.  Provide the tech support person with "Your ID" and "Your Password"

20.  Have fun