TeamViewer QuickSupport Android

1 Launch your Google Play Store

Search for TeamViewer QuickSupport

Select Install

2 Wait for the Install to complete

3 Select Open

4 Agree and Continue

5 Swipe right after reading each screen

6 Hit Done

7 Click Settings

8 Select Quick Support

9 Turn on Allow display over other apps

10 Enable Allow display over other apps

11 Hit the Left Arrow Twice

12 TeamViewer Full control requires an Add-On, select download

13 Select Install

14 It looks like this after installing

15 Use the left arrow key to exit

Find the and Hit the TeamViewer Quick Support Icon

16 Provide Your ID to the person trying to connect

17 Upon the first Use of TeamViewer the Universal Add-On activation may pop up, hit enable

18 Select TeamViewer Universal Add-On

19 Select Use TeamViewer Universal Add-On

20 Select Allow

21 Use the Left Arrow key and retry the Connection

Select Allow

22 Hit Start Now

23 Select whether you want QuickSupport access to the device location

24 Awesome

25 Full Control is granted, yay

26 Request screenshot from the TeamViewer Client

27 Triggered this, Hit Allow

28 Select Allow access to manage all files

29 Yay

30 Have Fun