Android Installation Guide for TeamViewer Unattended

1 Launch Google Play

Search for TeamViewer Host

2 Select Install

3 After Installation, Select Open

4 Special app access required, select Settings

5 Select Host from the list

6 Toggle Allow display over other apps

7 Use the Left button 2 times

Add-On Available.  Required for Full control

Select Download

8 Select Install

9 Installed

10 Use Left Arrow or Home button to exit the Play store

Find the TeamViewer Host Icon

11 Universal Add-On Activation - Select Enable

12 Select TeamViewer Universal Add-On

13 Toggle Use TeamViewer Universal Add-On

14 Select Left Allow

15 Done

16 Use the back arrow key once

17 Assign your TeamViewer Account Information

18 2FA Code

19 Location if required

20 Assignment is done

21 Upon first connection

22 Yay

23 Have Fun